Kiera Dignam sings a stunning rendition of 'I'll Never Love Again'

Kiera Dignam, daughter of Aslan legend Christy Dignam, has recorded a stunning rendition of 'I'll Never Love Again' from the smash hit movie 'A Star is Born.'

Speaking with the Irish Mirror, Kiera Dignam said: “I started singing when I was about 12 and I have a six-piece band now with my husband Darren on rhythm guitar. We worked together to find each member of the band to put around me.”

"We play at weddings and events and pubs all over every week and love it! My dad is a singer too, Christy Dignam, so people say it’s in my blood, I suppose it is.”

Christy Dignam is the frontman for the iconic Irish band Aslan. Check them out here performing their hit song 'Crazy World' on the streets of Killarney:

Christy Dignam - Crazy World

We’re loving this. Irish singing legend Christy Dignam sings an incredible live version of 'Crazy World' on the streets of Killarney  Video: Dominic Collins

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Kiera continued: “I love Aslan music and my dad as a vocalist, but I’ve tried to get out there on my own and not on his back, I would rather make something as a singer in my own right, if that makes sense?”

Speaking about her beautiful cover of 'I'll Never Love Again,' Kiera said: "I saw ‘A Star is Born’ and loved this song."

"My keys player John was at my house and we started messing around with it on piano and Darren said you have to record that song."

The recording of 'I'll Never Love Again' was met with some sad circumstances: "We had planned to record it last month but John's dad, unfortunately, passed away and he asked me to sing 'I’ll Never Love Again' at his funeral."

"It’s a beautiful song and I think represents a lot of people going through a loss, it was still very raw but he was happy to go ahead last week and we recorded it."

"I sing at a lot of funerals and wedding ceremonies as well as receptions with the band and songs like this always resonate with people but I’m blown away with the feedback we’ve gotten so far."

Watch Kiera Dignam sing a beautiful cover of ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ here:

'I’ll Never Love Again'- Kiera Dignam

Beautiful  Video: Kiera Dignam Band

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