Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed that the movie script for “24”, the movie has been written. Jack Bauer, the death defying hero, will be brought to the silver screen by Billy Ray, screenwriter for “State of Play.”

Sutherland was keen to point out that the movie would not mirror the television series. For example, it will take place over a number of locations. In the past trouble came to Jack Bauer, the most unlucky man in the world. Now he can seek it out.

He said “We’ve always had to have the situation come to us. But now it’s feasible to get Jack Bauer from Eastern Europe to England during the movie.”

“It doesn’t have to be a bomb. It can be something more personal that people understand.”

Sutherland has not graced the big screen since his role in “Mirrors” in 2008, though he has done many pieces of voiceover work, most famously as General W.R. Monger in “Monsters vs Aliens.”

He is now excited to get back to the big screen and explains why there might have been some jitters about bringing a TV series to the big screen in the past.

“I think the resistance to it is because in my father's generation if you did films you didn't even think about television,” he said.

"That was a death knell. And if you did television, you wouldn't be allowed to do films. That was when we had three networks.

"We have six hundred now, and if I want to see Paul Newman in a movie, I don't have to go out. And so the game has changed. And I think we're going to have to adjust with it."

Let’s hope Mr Sutherland can keep that silly behavior we saw outside Stringfellow’s strip club at a minimum until then. I am sure all the “24” junkies out there will be waiting with baited breath.