In case you missed it, Kathy Griffin was on “The Insider,” last week, confronting Jon Gosselin’s (ex) girlfriend Hailey Glassman about her now infamous Facebook pictures.

The Irish-American comedian has been rather vocal about her distaste for Gosselin dad, and even had lunch with Kate Gosselin, claiming she’s on “Team Kate.”

Griffin took part in a panel of interviewers who grilled Glassman about her about her relationship with the father of eight and her scandalous past, which has been documented in photos of her smoking weed, getting arrested and falling face first into potted plants.

The 22-year-old admitted that she’ll probably need counseling after all the media scrutiny.

The sharp-tongued Griffin offered some helpful advice to Glassman, saying: “I would go to that Dr. Drew ‘Celebrity Rehab’ if I were you.”

Griffin went on to ask Glassman about her racy photos, one by one.

“You are on trial and here’s Exhibit A,” the fiery-haired funny lady said, showing a picture of Glassman smoking a substance that looks like marijuana.

“Do you smoke pot currently?” Griffin asked. Glassman simply replied: “No I do not.”

The “My Life on the D List” star went on to show a photo of Jon Gosselin’s lady friend drunk and lying in a plant.

“Exhibit B. Here is you having some sort of relationship with a potted plant,” Griffin said. “And the plant is winning, let me just say that.

“Do you have a drinking problem, Hailey?” she asked.

“Are you serious? No I do not have a drinking problem,” Glassman shot back, though admitting she was drunk when the “potted plant picture” was taken.

Griffin showed Gosselin’s gal pal no mercy, saying:  “Hailey I gotta ask you – do you think [Jon’s] cheated on you? Come on Hailey cut it. Cut it honey.”

The comedian’s straight talk was effective, and she got Glassman to admit that she thinks Gosselin cheated.

When asked if she’s cheated herself, Glassman said she was too sad to do anything, saying: “The only thing I’ve cheated on him with was a chocolate chip cookie.”