Out with the old, in with the new: Kathy Griffin used to hang out with the likes of former BFF Paris Hilton on “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,” but now she’s moved on to a new best friend forever: Kate Gosselin.

The often-outrageous Irish-American comedian recently spoofed the mother of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” fame on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in a mock TV movie trailer called “Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story.”

But this doesn’t appear to have affected the two women’s BFF status.

"Kate Gosselin is my new BFF," Griffin told Usmagazine.com at the Emmy Awards. "We had a really nice chat one-on-one."

The comedian met the tabloids’ favorite mom on “The View” last week, when 34-year-old Gosselin was guest hosting and 48-year-old Griffin appeared to promote her new book.

"I sort of forced her to go into one of the dressing rooms at ‘The View’ with me and have a chit-chat," Griffin said. "I like her! She's easy, breezy."

The author of “Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin” revealed that Gosselin was fan of her TV spoof, in which Griffin donned the famous Kate Gosselin hairstyle and poked fun at the mother of eight.

"We talked about what she needs to have a sense of humor about, and she was very gracious," Griffin said. "She said she watched my spoof of her online and really found herself laughing."

The Irish-American funny lady says she wasn’t “terribly surprised” her and Gosselin hit it off "because I'm more Team Kate anyway,” adding that Kate’s estranged husband Jon "is such a toolbox and so clearly seems to be out of control."