Kate Middleton accidentally announced that she and Prince William are expecting a girl.

The Duchess of Cambridge let the news slip on March 5 when she received a teddy bear from a member of the public during a rare pubic appearance in Grimsby. Radio Times reports she said, “thank you, I will take that for my d--” and then stopped herself mid sentence.

Sandra Cook, who was standing near the Duchess when she made the slip, says she asked Middleton if she was about to say “daughter.” Middleton replied first that the royal couple did not know the gender of the baby and then said that they would not reveal the gender.

Despite Middleton’s second comment, news sources have printed that the couple are expecting a girl. British tabloids announced “It’s a Girl!” in Wednesday’s papers. Her slip has also led to an internet buzz about what she plans to name her daughter. As of March 6 there were 443 separate news articles online about Middleton’s slip and many were wondering about potential baby names.

Photographs of Middleton’s baby bump had recently been published by Italian magazine Chi and Australian Women’s Day. British publications decided not to publish the photos, which show the royal couple on vacation on a private island. 

Middleton announced her pregnancy in December and is is due in July.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a girlGoogle Images