Irish superstar Jonathan Rhys Meyers is going back to rehab. And his decision to do so apparently comes after an ultimatum from his girlfriend. 'Get help or I'll dump you,' Reena Hammer told him this week.

The Tudors star has agreed to seek treatment for his alcohol addiction, his spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday. Rhys Meyers, 32, is set to check into a rehab facility on his return to London from the U.S.

His decision comes just days after he allegedly screamed abuse at United Airlines impor staff when they banned him from getting on a plane because he was drunk.

Rhys Meyers was said to be 'hammering down' vodkas at 7 A.M. in the VIP lounge at New York's JFK Airport where he was due to get on a flight to Los Angeles last week. Later he became abusive when staff told him they would not permit him to board the flight.

That incident is believed to have been the final straw for his girlfriend, the heiress Reena Hammer, who is said to have told him: 'Check into rehab or I'm dumping you.'

The 24-year-old has been dating Rhys Meyers on and off since 2004. A source told the press: 'She has told him to get serious counselling for his drink and anger problems or else she will be taking a hike - out of his life.'

It's the third trip to rehab for Rhys Meyers, who first sought help in April 2007.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers with on-off girlfriend Reena HammerGSA/iPhoto