The man who did more than anyone to end Glenn Beck's black night of paranoia at Fox News hasn't quite finished with him yet. Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show is back taking comical pot shots at America's most five-alarm conspiracy nut.

After the comfortable re-election of President Barack Obama, Glenn Beck has been advising his somewhat diminished audience to buy farms, pull their kids out of school and start their own militias.

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'May I highly suggest you get grandfathered into the Second Amendment today and don't forget the ammunition,' he told listeners to his web based radio show.

According to the Huffington Post, Beck, whose German ancestry left him open to charges that he's being inspired by Hitler, has expressed sympathy with conservatives who want to secede from the union.

The brave new future envisioned by the my-way-or-the-freedom-highway pundit comes super-gated (with freedom) communities. There'll be no welcome there for liberals, Democratic voting minorities, or progressives, of course.

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Just don't call this libertarian intentional community a hippie commune.

But critics claim Beck’s exclusively independent community sounds at turns more Marxist and  Hitlerian than anything recognizably American.

In the following clips, Stewart skewers Beck's freedom town plans and reveals they're more the stuff of nightmares than dreams.