This Saturday, FOX News’s Bill O’Reilly and ‘The Daily Show’ creator Jon Stewart will go head to head in a live political debate that will be streamed online. ‘The Rumble 2012’ will bring the two together in a mock presidential debate that will focus on the real issues concerning Election 2012.

The Huffington Post
reports on the upcoming debate and the unique relationship that O’Reilly and Stewart share.

"I think he idolizes me secretly and that's what it's all about," says O'Reilly of Stewart, who he also referred to as his “pal” in a promo video for the upcoming debate.

“I didn't have much of a choice," says Stewart of agreeing to the debate. "First of all, how'd the guy get my number? Second of all, he just calls up and says: 'Stewart. O'Reilly. Debate.'"

While the two famously hold different political stances, they do exhibit respect for each other, even having appeared on each other’s programs a number of times over the past ten years. O’Reilly told the Huffington Post that he thinks Stewart is "a good guy" and "very talented."

Similarly, Stewart said of O’Reilly, "I enjoy talking to the guy. I find him very entertaining. He's got a good sense of humor. He's smart. I think he comes by his views honestly. I can't say I agree with him.”

"He's like comfort food for me," added Stewart. "I feel like I grew up around these guys. He's my shepherd's pie."

Though the two have radically different viewpoints, Stewart is surprised that some people are baffled as to why he and O’Reilly would want to sit down and talk. Stewart explained, "I have people in my family that make that guy look like Ralph Nader. This idea that somehow people whose viewpoints you can't quite wrap your head around are not worthy of engagement strikes me as bizarre."
The debate will be conducted much like a presidential debate, and will be moderated by CNN’s E.D. Hill. The sold-out show will be streamed live online for $4.95 - with half of proceeds going to charity - at from George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium.

"We're actually going to talk honestly here," O’Reilly said of the upcoming debate. "With us, we'll just let it fly: This is the way I feel, this is how I see it. There's none of that censoring or calculating. That's one of the reasons I wanted to do it."

Stewart said “We’re gonna have an argument; it’s going to be like the worst Thanksgiving you ever went to. I’m looking forward to it.”

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