John Travolta could have sparked a new trend.

The movie star told our critic Cahir O'Doherty that he Photoshopped his head to see what different styles would look like on him.

He ends up with a Village People-style goatee in "From Paris With Love."

The result of a lot of experiments in Photoshopping.

Cahir says Travolta told him that the director tried the character with hair, then without it, then scarred and then not, until they found the final look.

Travolta admits he just might keep the style now that it's proved to be a big hit with his female fans, including wife Kelly Preston.

He said: "It was quite a radical look for me and I was a little concerned about what people might think. Not only did Kelly like it but they did an on-line survey and 99 per cent of people preferred it to my usual look. I might just go bald and bearded full-time from now on."