Irish-American actor John Cusack recently took a three-week vacation to Ireland to celebrate his mom’s 80th birthday, and luckily for his fans, he tweeted his thoughts and pictures along the way.

The star of movies like "Con Air," "Grosse Point Blank” and "High Fidelity” and his family landed in Belfast, where Cusack tweeted: “Arrived in Belfast reading up on Gerry Adams going for a tour of city.”

From there, the Irish-American crew headed down to Dublin, where they did some sightseeing at Kilmainham Gaol, which Cusack photographed, and visited O’Neill’s Pub near Trinity College.

The famous actor also took some time to catch up on his Irish reading. “Went to secret records and books on Wicklow... Bout (bought) some Beckett poems - feel quite Irish,” he tweeted.

The Cusack tour continued to Galway and Kerry, where John and his 80-year-old mother rode three-wheelers.

“I strongly recommend circling Ireland with family -  a van and two trikes - was my moms 80th and she was biker girl yesterday,” Cusack wrote on his Twitter account.

“Literally - on the back of the trike screaming though (through) the late afternoon sun in the west Irish hills. the Celt in her could not be stopped,” he continued.

The Hollywood A-lister got some great shots of ancient ruins around Ireland, which he also posted to his account.

Cusack, whose newest film is the soon-to-be-released comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine,” requested his Twitter followers to post famous Irish quotes while he visited the land of his ancestors.

The actor re-tweeted classic quotes from Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats, and revealed he’s a fan of Irish novelist Flann O’Brien.

Cusack seemed reluctant to finally leave the Emerald Isle, posting one final sentimentally sweet tweet: “On my way back to the States…Ireland magic like they say...”