John Corbett was under such pressure to keep his involvement out of the media that he couldn’t even tell his own mother where he was going. Instead Irish lad, just obeying orders, told his mammy he was off to Ireland, to visit the old sod for a two-week vacation.

In fact he was really in Morocco filming “Sex in the City 2” which could turn out to be one of this year’s biggest flops as the figures so far are looking horrendous.

Corbett plays the character of Aidan Shaw in the franchise. He is the on/off lover of Carrie Bradshaw who oddly turns up in Morocco in the same market as Carrie in the movie.

He knew that he would have to lie to his mother about where he was going. He said “I told my mother I was going to Ireland for a little vacation for two weeks and she bought it, because I had to. Plus ... she's got a big yapper. She would have called everybody, and we got away with it. We really got away with it.”

He can now be seen on our tv screens as Max Gregor in the “United States of Tara”.

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