Irish American actress Jane Lynch, also known as Sue Sylvester of Fox's megahit show 'Glee,' is backing creator Ryan Murphy's bid to sign up Susan Boyle for the show. Lynch says she's 'desperate' for the Scottish singing sensation to make a cameo appearance.

Last month, 'Glee's' bosses had approached Boyle's representatives to convince her to shoot a guest slot. And Murphy has already dreamed up the perfect role for Boyle, he wants her to play a dinner lady in a festive special.

This week Lynch opened up about the possibility of a Boyle cameo, admitting the whole cast is eager for the I Dreamed A Dream star to appear in a special episode.

Lynch told Britain's Daily Mirror, 'Susan is really popular with all of us - and I heard Ryan Murphy say he'd definitely love to get her on the set playing a dinner lady. So let's hope.'