Is Bill O'Reilly the new moderate voice of America's right?

That would seem to be the case after Bill O' took on Rush Limbaugh, the fire-eating grand poobah of everything right-wing.

O'Reilly took exception to Limbaugh's claim that President Obama was trying to deliberately destroy the economy.

In an interview with Fox News, Limbaugh said Obama represented the most "radical leadership" in the history of the country, and that the economy was "under siege" by Obama.

Limbaugh also said Obama had "not done one thing to revitalize the economy."

In response, Bill O' asked the logical question — but one that no right-winger in their right mind would have the temerity to ask, given the power of Limbaugh.

"Why would President Obama purposely destroy the economy?"  O'Reilly asked. "When that would damage him and never get him re-elected."

Touche. But it took O'Reilly to say it.

This is an interesting development. With the exception of Limbaugh, there is no more-popular figure in right-wing circles than O'Reilly.

His ratings have soared to record levels at Fox.

Now, he may be ready to take on the big Kahuna, the palladin of right-wing politics, the sultan of swatting down liberals, the king of talk, Rush Limbaugh.

Watch this space. There may be a new O'Reilly on the prowl.