IrishCentral readers share their selfies with #Howsmyselfie - slideshow

Our man on the ground, the Mick with the Mic, also known as Jay Sia, took to the streets of New York this week to see what the prevailing opinion of the phenomenon that is the “selfie” is. We got IrishCentral readers in on the act and asked them to snap some selfies and Tweet them or submit them on our Tumblr site. They didn’t disappoint. Check out their photos here and submit your own using #howsmyselfie.

The last two weeks have been big news for selfies. Not since Anthony Wiener’s shenanigans has the selfie appeared more in the press.

Earlier this week a certain risqué shot of Kim Kardashian, wearing ill-fitting and little clothing cause quite a buzz online. It seems that some celebrities just go too far when it comes to selfies and perhaps share a little too much, but what seems certain is that selfies are here to see.

Selfie has been added to the Irish dicitionary Henceforth the selfie “as Gaelige” will be known as the “féinphic” or the plural “féinphiceanna.” So it would seem that it’s officially a term of use.

In fact the Oxford English Dictionary also has a definition, which is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website."

As the sweet lady at the Highline Park points out selfies have technically been around for decades. She recalls her family huddling together and posing for photos, with their family's camera on a timer. So what’s the real difference between that and snapping a shot of yourself.

IrishCentral readers share their selfies with #Howsmyselfie - slideshow

Check out our Mick with a Mic’s video below: