Fortnite is taking the gaming world by storm, with upwards of 50 million players worldwide participating in the battle royale. Irish Youtubers are among many who are playing the game and showing viewers what the craze is all about.

Here are five of the top Irish Youtubers playing Fortnite:

  • Jacksepticeye: Top o' the mornin' to you 'laddies'! Jacksepticeye is here with his 19.5 million subscriber-strong army of avid fans. After being shouted-out by famous Youtuber Pewdiepie a few years ago, Sean has gone on to boast the most popular channel in Ireland.

  • Daithi De NoglaThis Cork-based Youtube gamer, known for playing games with his friends such as VanossGaming and others, has been infusing his wit and quintessential Irish sense of humor into his videos for years. Fortnite is the latest example of how Daithi is truly making the game even more hilarious than it already is.

  • Mini Ladd: Craig, known to his viewers as Mini Ladd, is a Northern Irish gamer from Craigavon who started off with Call of Duty montages back in the day, but now has nearly five million subscribers. He is a good friend of Daithi De Nogla and often joins in on the fun with him whenever he plays.

  • Call Me KevinKevin is an up-and-coming Irish Youtuber whose channel is growing very quickly, which is not surprising considering he is one funny Cork native. He is more than qualified to play games because he used to run a game store all by himself awhile back, so it's no wonder why Fortnite appeals to him.

  • Terroriser (The Gaming Terroriser): A friend of Daithi De Nogla and Mini Ladd, this South Dublin gamer is known for his great sense of humor and strangely enough, his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. All in all, he has to be one of the most well-known medium-sized channels to come out of Ireland at the moment.

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