A 25-year-old Dubliner and former assistant to a Vogue fashion icon is accused of using her bosses' credit card without permission as well as selling her personal items online.

A Dublin-born former Vogue staff member, Yvonne Bannigan, has been arrested and charged with stealing more than $50,000 from the model and former creative director -at -large, Grace Coddington.

Bannigan (25) worked as an assistant to Coddington (77) and allegedly ran up purchases of $53,564 in unauthorized purchases on her bosses’ credit card. The New York Post learned from a law enforcement source and the court documents that the Dubliners was arrested in April 2018.

Former assistant at Vogue accused of stealing from legendary creative director Grace Coddington https://t.co/DdITymwSCI pic.twitter.com/CpodOH8Wt7

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The Dublin assistant is also accused of selling property which belonged to Coddington on the online luxury store TheRealReal. It’s alleged that she kept the $9,000 in commission for herself.

According to Bannigan’s LinkedIn page, she has been working in New York since 2013. Before her position as Coddington’s assistant, she worked as a Fashion & Accessories freelance assistant and Editorial intern, both a Vogue. Prior to this, she interned at ELLE magazine.

Bannigan now faces felony charges of second and third-degree grand larceny.

Her attorney Michael Cornacchia told the Post “We believe there’s been a misunderstanding which we hope will be sorted out.

“She has prior no record, and she’s a naturalized US citizen.”

“She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Coddington is a Welsh former model and fashion icon who is known for the creation of large, complex and dramatic photo shoots. She has worked in the fashion industry for 60 years.

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