This Irish singer's reaction is priceless as her phone rings just as she's gearing up to belt out a tune. 

Maybe a word to the wise to turn off notifications on your phone or perhaps even put it into airplane mode if you're about to do your very best party piece. This Irish singer was taken unawares just as she was setting herself up to deliver a belter of a performance by her phone going off and her reaction is priceless. 

According to the Irish Mirror, Samantha Grennan from Co Offaly was about to wow her friends at the hairdressers with a rendition of "Shallow" from the hit movie "A Star is Born" starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. 

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Things didn't go to plan, however, as someone was rude enough to call her just as she was getting into her stride. Regardless, it's obvious she has a good voice and that it was going to sound great. 

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