The Irish Pub”, a celebration of (and eulogy to) the most traditional and oldest family-run pubs in Ireland, is coming to North America. The 75-minute documentary, made by Alex Fegan, is opening the Toronto Film Festival and then touring on to Chicago and Boston film festival, and on to New York.

Directed and filmed by Fegan the documentary celebrates the greatest institution in Irish society - the pub, or more specifically, the traditional Irish publicans who run them. The characters in this exceptionally endearing film all run and own pubs that have been in their families for generations and it is through their warmth, wit and wisdom that we gain an insight into the heart and soul of “The Irish Pub”.

Fegan wants the movies US views to experience what the real Irish pub is all about.

He told IrishCentral “Over the next six months, we are going to release the film city by city in North America followed by a DVD and VOD release later in the year.

“We hope that people from both an Irish heritage and otherwise will all enjoy the film and discover for themselves why the Irish pub, warts and all, is so unique.”

The documentary was released in cinemas and on DVD in the UK and Ireland in 2013 and won Best Film at the London Irish Film Festival.

Fegan  he was “surprised and excited by the reaction of Irish audiences.

“I think people were struck by the authenticity, charm and hilarious sense of humor of each of the publicans. It's not often that you get to watch a film in a cinema and then meet the stars of that film the next day in one of your local pubs.”

The founder of Atom Films, Fegan, travelled throughout Ireland interview family run Irish pubs. During his travels he found there was there was more to the Irish pub than meets the eye.

“From day one, I was surprised to discover that the traditional Irish pub is far more than just a drinking house. From interviewing third generation pub owners all over Ireland, the big realization was that these people see their pubs as cultural museums with themselves as curators.

“In every pub, you can see the local social history, characters and sporting exploits hanging up on the walls. From confession boxes to blood stained jerseys, the pubs are completely enveloped in trinkets, music, stories, anecdotes, wit and wisdom, which I think is fascinating.

“In a world of ever expanding globalization, I was also encouraged by the family story behind each pub and the pride each owner had in their name above the door.”

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“The Irish Pub” screening this month in North America are as follows:

Toronto Irish Film Festival on 28 Feb
Chicago Irish Film Festival on 7 March
Fadós Irish Pub, Chicago on 9 March
New York, screening TBC, between 10 and 14 March
Boston Irish Film Festival on 22 March

Here’s the trailer:

An EXCLUSIVE first glimpse of one of the film's hilarious anecdotes from the brilliant Paul Gartlan: