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Rosanna Davison, daughter of Chris De Burgh and first ever Irish winner in the Miss World pageant, describes her first experience doing a nude cover shoot for the German Playboy magazine.
Speaking to the Irish Independent, Davison says that "There is something very empowering about being on a secluded beach, naked in the warm air.” The most empowering thing about it was perhaps the bolster it gave to her sense of body image.
"I never really liked the idea of flaunting it or showing it off before. I still can't admit to loving my body -- we all have our various hang-ups -- but I do feel much more at peace with it now."
After the success of her German shoot, Davison was invited by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to the illustrious and infamous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Imaginations can run wild with the thoughts of what might transpire at the Mansion, but Davison puts those thoughts to bed when she tells the Independent about her stay with Hefner.
 The magazine magnate and his wife Crystal invited Davison for dinner, where they ate and chatted before adjourning to Hef’s private cinema room where they watched a Charlie Chaplin film. In what would perhaps be considered a tamer night for the notorious party mansion, the evening’s activities were “over by about nine o'clock,” and the whole thing was “nice and casual and relaxed.”

In total, Davison spent around a week in L.A., and though it is unclear if there was another shoot done, the potential for a U.S. release still exists- which would make Davison the first Miss World to pose for Playboy in the U.S.

PHOTOS - Irish model Rosanna Davison gallery

Irish model Rosanna Davison made history as the first Miss World on the front-cover of Germany's PlayboyPlayboy