The photographic project of Wexford photographer Christine Redmond will be displayed in Times Square, New York.

The project, “In Real Life” features everyday women and was shot in Canada. The aim of the project is “campaign to portray real women in mainstream media”.

The Vancouver-based Irish woman poses questions to her models, asking them questions such as “When do you feel most attractive?” She has been inviting women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds into her studio to gain insight into the importance of appearing beautiful.

Redmond grew up in County Wexford, Ireland, and graduated with a Photography BA from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2010. She since relocated to Canada where she has been ambitiously pursuing her passion.

Last year, Redmond posted an ad, seeking models, on the online classifieds site, Craigslist. She was overwhelmed by the response. She asked the women to be photographed once in their “home clothes” and then again in the outfit that makes them feel most attractive.

Previously, the 24-year-old’s photographer’s work was featured on the animal activist group PETA’s website.

Her ongoing project “In Real Life” has already been exhibited in Victoria, British Columbia. It will now be featured in Times Square on Monday, 18th June.

The project can be viewed online here. For more information on Christine Redmond click here.

From Christine Redmond's "In Real Life"Christine Redmond