Having spoken out against eating disorders and being overlooked as a size 4 model Irish beauty Coco Rocha has set up her own fashion line, “Rococo” and has become a force to be reckoned within the international fashion industry.

In the recent Model Issue of Fashion Magazine she spoke about her career to this point and how she has found her niche by simply being herself. Over the last six years she’s worked on campaigns such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Christian Dior, D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, Lanvin, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein Fragrance, Gap, PHI and Esprit.

Coco grew up in British Columbia with her mother from Belfast and her father who was half Irish. She had quite a traditional Irish upbringing. In fact her modeling career kicked off in 2002 when she was discovered by  her agent Charles Stuart. He spotted her when she was just 14, dancing at an Irish Dancing contest.

She said “if it wasn’t for Irish dancing I wouldn't be modeling.” It seems that dancing is still very much close to her heart. She recently twitted to the makers of “Glee” saying “If you ever need a backup dancer, call me!”. They haven’t answered her yet.
Rocha has recently being named the number nine super model in the world by models.com, she’s a rep for Rimmel London and she’s was seen air-kissing Anna Wintour at the Met Ball.

She was a guest-reporter at the Grammy’s for “Entertainment Tonight” and this season she’s launching her own fashion line called “Rococo”. She has arrived and with such a level head it seems like she’ll be a fixture in the world of fashion for sometime.

Rocha seems have dismissed all that is faddy and hated about the fashion industry. When she turned up for her photo shoot with Fashion Magazine they joked that she’d arrived without the standard entourage of four or five people and not a tiny dog in sight.

She said “I thought about bringing the tiny dog!...But no, I don’t want to be that person today.”

Over the last number of years she made some bold decisions in her career showing herself to be a true individual. As Fashion Magazine pointed out the fact that she’s managed to last six years in the industry without an eating disorder or a string of horrific exes speaks volumes for her character. In fact she married her interior designer boyfriend at the beginning of June.

In the past she has turned down promoting herself on “Dancing with the Stars” and had a run in with fashion photographer Terry Richardson. She said “I’ve shot with him, but I didn’t feel comfortable.” The famous photographer has been involved sexual abuse allegations in the past.

The size four model felt disheartened about her chosen career path when her bookings started to drop off when she was just a young buck in the game. She believes it was because she was “too big”. Now she’s travelling around Canada speaking out about self-esteem.

Now that she’s a little bit older and wiser she says “Whatever. If you take me, take me. If you don’t, don’t. I’m happy in my skin,” but at the time, she said, it understandably hurt.

Last month she married her husband in a French chateau where a Zac Posen which she described as “like a Barbie ’50s dress.” The undeniably happy, now, Coco Rocha Conran, also just announced on her blog that there are four rather massive photos of her posters up in Times Square for Marie Clare. She’s also just announced that she’s started a new campaign with Esprit and projects with the British Vogue and VS Pink. There is certainly no stopping this Irish dancing super model.