Keith Barry is currently doing some mental work with our Irish athletes, stating that the mind is a powerful force in overcoming obstacles on the way to gold.

The Irish Independent reveals that the hypnotist has already been working with a few of team Ireland's members to help their preparation for the games with his key focus being placed on the little mental factors that can boost performance under pressure.

High jump hopeful Deirdre Ryan has been the latest Irish athlete to receive some metal tuition from the notorious Barry. She said that he is helping with her subconscious thinking and also her level of confidence, heading into the games.  Barry hypnotises the athletes to put them in an altered state of mind and then teaches them how to reprogramme their subconscious in order to regain control and regulate their bodies through breathing and heart rate.

Barry plans on furthering his practice from Olympic athletes to the wider public in the future, with the aim of helping people to deal with everyday stress, fears, phobias and personal problems while stating that these problems will be dissolved completely by psychological means.

Here's Keith Barry's TED talk on the power of the mind "Brain Magic":

TED Talk: Keith Barry does brain magic by T

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