A new Irish documentary film has won two awards at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

The film grew out of a trip that Tipperary photographer John Cash took last year to boost his county's tourism profile.

Cash decided take photographs of local beauty spots in his region, when the idea grew.

'I was talking on radio and the host said wouldn't it be lovely to do a film about your journey? So he told me about filmmaker Brendan Kerins and I got in touch with him.'

'We did everything on a shoestring," said Cash. 'But that was part of the magic of the whole thing.'

The film, titled 'Twas a morning in July,' picked up the award for Best Directorial Debut in the feature documentary category and Best International Geographical Documentary in New York. It also came second in the Feature Documentary 'Audience Choice' section.

'I'm passionate about Ireland's beauty and I believe we all have to help to get people interested in what we have to offer. Sometimes we think people come here looking for the exotic and we're nearly embarrassed to ask them if they want to go see the local hurling team play,' said Cash.

John and Brendan also interviewed Henry Healy - Barack Obama's eighth cousin - for the film, which intrigued the American audience at the screening.

'It is laid back, not serious,' said the film's producer Brendan Kerins.

Producers of 'Twas a Morning in July', Brendan Kerins and John Cash