An Irish judge has called performer Snoop Dogg a woman hater and a “misogynist wretch” and wondered how women could even attend his concerts.

Judge Barney McElholm was speaking at the Derry  Magistrate's Court when passing sentence in  the case of Simone Campbell, 18, from Derry.

Campbell had become drunk and disorderly in October last after attending a Scoop Dogg concert in Derry.

She drank eight glasses of wine and a quantity of rum and after being approached by police she punched a police officer on the right ear, resisted arrest and carried on in a disorderly fashion.

Judge. McElholm gave her 12 months probation and said; "Why any woman would want to go to a concert to listen to this misogynist wretch escapes me. Why he was allowed into the country in the first place, well that is another matter. Despite the bad behavior espoused by his lyrics, there was no excuse for this.”

The Foyle Women's Aid organization had called for the concert to be canceled.

The organization's spokesperson said "His lyrics are demeaning and they objectify women and he has a history with drugs.”

Snoop Dogg, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide but has admitted drug use.