The notion that hard work and perseverance can pay off is etched into the American psyche and is the same diligence that keeps us going as a band.

“If you are willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or where you live”.

Motivational words from the American president himself Barack Obama during his victory speech. STAY GOLD is Shola and Greg a young duo from Dublin, Ireland, a tiny country in Europe with a huge voice. Ireland has achieved a catalogue of international success with Irish bands including Westlife, U2, and of course Niall Horan from One Direction. The list goes on. We both grew up listening to the same type of music. “Hip-Hop and R&B”. When you think of Hip-Hop and R&B it has always been the American artist dominating the charts.

As a duo heavily influenced in these genres, America was always the place we looked for inspiration. We started working together in 2011 after briefly short-lived solo careers. At the age of 15 and 16 we began writing songs at home or in school, usually during class, then we would DIY record them at home with a cheap mic and laptop. There was a local studio at the community centre where we would also record and mix our own music. We came up with the name STAY GOLD which means staying true to yourself, innocent, uncorrupted and also not conforming to what society dictates. This is the primary point we try to convey in our music by bringing an original sound to the music scene in Ireland. Music scenes like these are well represented in America with each region having their own distinctive sound.

We see music as a medium that enables us to express ourselves artistically and creatively. With this we showcase our talents with a continuous free-flowing delivery, intrinsic wordplay and clever metaphors on a hard hitting or a soulful melodic beat. The special thing to us about hip-hop music is as well as there being an entertainment factor, as an artist you are in total control of the listener’s emotions. We put out our first single in early 2016 after collecting up songs and waiting for the right time for release. “The title of their new single couldn't be more of the moment. This is R&B meets alternative rock meets pop in one go.” (Niall Byrne, the Irish Times, March 10 2016)

Our biggest influence musically is Canadian Rapper Drake who has received immensely international success with his unconventional rise to stardom. He has dominated the American charts with his chart topping hits, relatable songs, catchy hooks and his unquestionable rapping ability. Attributes that we work on daily. Like us Drake is non-American. He is regarded as an everyday guy who is easily relatable unlike most of his musical counterparts. He grew up as a black Jew living in the suburbs but still managed to be successful despite his background. In the words of the man himself “How you let me run it down here. I'm not even from around here” Drake taunts his American competition in a braggadocios manner. He’s on top of the hip-hop scene in America and he’s not from America he’s from Toronto! Our goal is to be two Irish kids from Dublin who first conquer the scene in Ireland then go on top of the American music charts and of course to achieve worldwide success.

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