On the film festival circuit in September is Conor McPherson’s new movie “The Eclipse,” starring Ciaran Hinds and Aidan Quinn, which opened the 2009 Los Angeles Irish Film Festival.

The supernatural flick also opened the Tribeca Film Festival and is expected to be released in the U.S. later this year.

The Quinn family, as a whole, is raising its Hollywood profile behind the camera as well.  

Acclaimed cinematographer Declan Quinn (Aidan’s brother, whose most recent movie was “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” starring Robin Wright) will soon be serving as cinematographer on a film called “Good Ol’ Boy,” to be directed by his other brother, Paul Quinn.

Talk about all in the family!

Declan Quinn is also serving as cinematographer on a documentary about Bob Marley, directed by Jonathan Demme, as well Jim Sheridan’s aforementioned project “Black Mass.”

Declan Quinn is not the only busy Irish-American cinematographer.

Seamus Tierney recently earned raves for the film “Adam” (dubbed “lovingly photographed” by The New York Times) and will soon be working on “Burning Palms” (with fellow Irish Americans Shannen Doherty and Dylan McDermott), and “The Forlorn,” about the infamous Donner Party of Western U.S. settlers, which included Irish immigrants and resorted to cannibalism.

“The Forlorn” will be directed by T.J. Martin.