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The Poison Pen

In this Irish rom-com, Booker Prize-winning author PC Molloy finds himself blackmailed into writing for tabloid gossip magazine Poison Pen. Caught up in a world of stars, scandals, and secrets, Molloy is in danger of turning into a celebrity himself. Cultures clash and sparks fly as Molloy reluctantly becomes the celebrity interviewer for a host of egocentric celebs. But as his own star rises he soon struggles to keep his own secrets off the front pages. And to make matters worse he’s falling for his new boss - April Devereaux. Can there be any room for romance in the world of celebrity gossip? 

A Fanatic Heart – Bob Geldof

Starring Bob Geldof, A Fanatic Heart takes a deep dive into the life of W.B. Yeats. Geldof, a self-confessed devotee of the great Irish Nobel Prize Winning poet, traces how Yeats led the way in imagining a new, proud, strong Ireland into being after The Famine - and how, after centuries of colonial oppression, he gave the people of Ireland back a story they could believe in and fight for. Through performances by Irish and British cultural figures of Yeats’ most iconic poems, Geldof reveals how Yeats and others built the scaffolding for a new independent Ireland decades before the Rising. For, as Gogarty said, there is no Free State without Yeats. 

Vitamin Sea

Behind every swimmer is a story! Vitamin Sea follows 8 people, all passionate about the ocean. Uncover how the sea helps them deal with grief, manage mental and physical health concerns, and gives them a chance to hit the reset button. Discover friendships and bonds that flourish in and out of the water and hear the joy, happiness, and pleasure that they derive from their daily dip or full moon swim, where life just stops and they are at one with the sea. This absorbing, life-affirming documentary will leave you wanting to run out and jump in the ocean. 

The Randomer 

In this modern Irish comedy about sex, love, and procreation, free-spirited Meg thinks she has everything a girl could ask for - a great job and a vibrant city full of trendy bars, cafes, and nightlife. But Meg’s life is suddenly turned upside-down when she finds herself needing the one thing that she least expected - a baby.

With the clock running out before she hits the dreaded 40, it’s a race against time to find an uncomplicated man for the perfect baby. With the help of her new lesbian neighbors and her ever-pregnant sister Regina, Meg dives headfirst into Dublin’s widest selection of cosmopolitan men determined to find the perfect “randomer” to fulfill her quest. If Meg can avoid the pitfalls of modern dating she might just discover that the perfect no-strings-attached man may not be so random after all. 

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