Modern Irish dance troupe Prodijig’s boot camp video has gone viral as they attempt to recruit new dancers for an upcoming show, which they hope will make it to Broadway.

Prodijig, with Alan Kenefick as their lead dancer and choreographer, came to the public’s attention in 2012 when they won the United Kingdom televised competition “Got to Dance” with their unique take on Irish dance.

Last week the group posted a video on Facebook of Prodijig members Dane McKiernan, Colin Fleck, Emmett McMorrow, Calum Kelly, Zoe Talbot, Nawal Elbadri and Alan Kenefick practicing for their upcoming boot camp. So for the video has had 58,000 views.

The boot camp will run from July 16 to 23, in Dublin. Their hope is to find new Irish dance pros to join their group for a new show.

Speaking to IrishCentral Kenefick said, “We are looking for up and coming dancers who want to push the barriers of their dance. They will have to be of a very high standard. The participants will have one full week to learn this choreography and we are looking for dancers to create a new show.”

In 2013 Prodijig performed the sci-fi Irish dance show “Footstorm” in Ireland and the UK.

Kenefick said, “Since ‘Footstorm’ I have been working on new choreography, finding the right music producers and writing a storyline that will hopefully get us to Broadway as that has always been my dream. I have a strong new team in place now and we are doing plenty of corporate shows while we work on the bigger picture.

The lead dancer continued, “The aim with Prodijig has always been to stretch the idea of what an Irish dancer can do. So the plan currently is to push Irish dance as far as I can with my style of dance and eventually have a full touring show. I learned a lot from my last show “Footstorm” and this show will blow that out of the water I can promise you that.”

Here’s the group’s performance that got them noticed:

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