The Irish dance group, Fusion Fighters, launched a new video to mark two years of performing. They took to the streets of Moscow to create “TIME: To Inspire Motivate Excel” a “thought provoking and motivational” video featuring Russian dancers, formerly of “Riverdance” and using music by Hanz Zimmer.

Fusion Fighters is a performance crew that fuses Irish dance with various art forms including dance, music, and technology.

Their recent video and the quotes aim to inspire the viewers to “achieve greatness.”

The video blurb states:

“Having a clear vision and believing in yourself is the key to then most importantly receive and succeed. Be convinced that failure isn’t an option and take actions each day towards reaching your goals.”

Chris Naish, a performer, teacher and choreographer, who is a member of the group, told IrishCentral, “The project has many different meanings for us. The video includes ‘Epic Style’ music by Hanz Zimmer and quotes that have been inspiring us to work on something so different.

“It has definitely contributed for sure in giving us the extra motivation to continue to work on something that is pushing the boundaries of our art form instead of following the norm. Especially as it's something we do not get paid to do right now and actually something we are in fact paying to do because we believe so strongly in it and the future of 'Irish Fusion' projects.”

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