"Grandma Jane" with Megan Ferrara
from Harney (MA)

Sisters and dancers Abbey, Berkley and Tinsley Griffin from Glor na Daire (GA)

Grandmother Jean Mullane with Godley siblings Orla, Sinead and Grace
from Mullane-Healy-Godley (IL)

Future Champion Dancer with her doting Feis Daddy

Drew Lovejoy with mom Andee
from McGing (OH)

Anyone remotely familiar with a champion Irish dancer knows that it’s a family passion! This makes sense given the strong cultural ties the Diaspora has to Ireland, and the nature of the Irish family. Many Irish dance schools have multiple siblings in class, and every feis offers a ‘family cap’ for registration and competition fees. Whether it’s one of the famous families we’ve featured on a Feis America cover, or one flying under the radar until we see them on stage together, it means a commitment by everyone in the family when a dancer or two is a champion.

Enjoy these photos of some of the siblings and parents at the North American Irish Dance Championships in Nashville!

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