These Irish Christmas commercials certainly deliver some tear-jerking moments.

Irish Christmas commercials in the last few years have become just as big a deal in Ireland as the commercials shown during the prime-time Super Bowl spots in the US.

No matter what new ways the creatives come up with to rev up our tear ducts this year, however, these old classics are sure to bring back the nostalgia of Irish Christmases gone by.  

Here’s our pick of the top Irish Christmas commercials:


This beautiful advert has some beautiful shots of a snowy Christmas all over Ireland accompanied by specially composed orchestral music by Kevin Sargent.


This 1980s ESB (Electricity Service Board) seems to have stuck in the public’s mind over the decade.

The ad, set to Dusty Springfield singing “I think I’m going back”, depicts a son going home for Christmas and his Irish mammy preparing the house – something most Irish can relate to.

Barry's Tea

 This radio ad shows some of Ireland’s great Irish storytelling. In just 1.29 minutes this advert brings you back to childhood in Ireland. The very phrase “Put the kettle on, we’ll have cuppa tea” at the end is sure to get Irish people thinking of home.


Although this is obviously an American ad it’s been running in Ireland every Christmas for years.

If this little blonde angel’s “Ho, ho, ho” at the end of the ad doesn’t melt your heart nothing will.

Coca Cola

Similarly, although this ad is from the US, the sound of these bells on the TV means that the Christmas season has arrived.


Here’s an ad from Meteor, a cell phone company, that gives a humorous slant on competing Christmas carolers on Grafton Street in Dublin.

* Originally published in 2011. Updated in December 2023.