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Bronxites Brian McGuire and Rally Bop bring Irish bagpipes and Jamaican reggae together. The pair have collaborated on a music video of reels and reggae called “The Sound of the Bagpipe" which was partially filmed in Ireland.

McGuire, a banker by day and piper with the New York Metro Pipe Band by night, was introduced to Rally Pop by Harlem-born music producer Will Roberson. McGuire was having a drink in the Hudson Hotel when he met Roberson.
McGuire told the “New York Daily News,” "We had a good conversation, and I gave him a card and said call me if you ever need a bagpiper," McGuire said.

Roberson said, "I thanked him…but I said to myself, 'I don't think I'll ever be calling him.'"

A week later Rally was called with a song that needed an electronic bagpipe sound.  Two weeks later McGuire was playing the pipes in a music video filmed in some scenic spots in Dublin and Belfast.

McGuire said, "My Irish friends love the video...The Jamaicans and the Irish seem to get along well."

He quipped, "We both enjoy a good pint of Guinness - and are not too fond of the British."

Visit our special St. Patrick's Day section