Katie Finneran, 39, has been a singer, a dancer, a waitress, a perfume spray girl at Bloomingdales and even a ringside girl at a boxing ring. Tonight she's a two time Tony winner. 

Broadway's 'Promises, Promises' star seemed amazed at the mass of reporters come to meet her on Sunday night. 'I feel like I'm the Irish delegate from the U.N.,' she exclaimed. 

Finneran, who appears onstage as barfly Marge Macdougal for about ten minutes at the top of the second act, still managed to steal the show and win the coveted award (her second, she won a Tony in 2002 for her performance in 'Noises Off') 

Because her eccentric character in 'Promises, Promises' wears an owl coat, the Irish American actress spent her first weeks of rehearsals scouring the Internet researching owl calls. 

She finally settled on the Western Screeching Owl. When asked to give the press a sample call, Finneran burst into some wild owl eeking for nearly a minute, to much applause. 'I believe that just won me a Tony,' she joked.

Katie Finneran