Sarah Bolger got her start as an actress 12 years ago at 10 years of age in Jim Sheridan’s modern classic about Irish immigrants in New York, ‘In America’. Now 22, Bolger finds her talents- and her beauty - growing in demand in Hollywood.
Her most recent credit is playing Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, in ABC’s hit show Once Upon a Time. Aurora isn’t her first time portraying royalty, however, as she also starred on Showtime’s The Tudors.
In an interview with the Irish Mirror, Bolger expresses her love for her growing fan base and the intimacy promoted by Twitter: “I love being able to talk to them, I love being able to hear directly what they want to say to me and people have been saying wonderful things to me.”
Some of these wonderful things, she says, have ranged from admirers who want to “smell [her] hair on a bed of rosebud petals,’ and even marriage proposals.
As with many female stars that rise in Hollywood, there is a mounting demand to see her show more skin in her roles. While she maintains that she isn’t at the point in her career where that is a desire of hers, she remains open to the possibility for the future- a prospect that is sure to excite her fans even more than the scent of her hair.
Due to the popularity of her performance, her would-be guest appearance on Once Upon a Time has been fleshed out more and given more screen time in the upcoming third season.
In addition to her TV fame, Bolger is making waves in the film industry now as well. She has been recently cast in the horror film Re-Awakening alongside Irish-American actress Olivia Wilde of Tron: Legacy fame. Bolger expressed that being cast alongside Wilde is quite the honor, and to be classed in a tier with Wilde is “a great compliment as an actor.”
As Bolger’s fame grows, the offers and roles keep pouring in for her, and she will be kept busy filming for both the small and silver screens for some time, balancing between Once Upon a Time and Re-Awakening through the summer before starting work on a new TV project from the creators of The Hangover, ‘Mixology.’
Despite her growing fame, though, Bolger maintains her humility, saying “I’ve been so fortunate, I don’t take anything for granted.” In any case, what the audience can take for granted is that there will be a lot more to see from Bolger in the future.

Irish star Sarah Bolger is making it big in the US but she wont be going nude...just yetGoogle Images