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I confess to knowing less than zero about the Harry Potter craze, but for all you maniacs out there, an Irish actor who plays the character of Seamus Finnegan in the Harry movies claims that the clamor to get a hold of a script to the upcoming film was so intense, his copy of it had to be moved from his home in County Kildare to a safe house.

Devon Murray, 20, told Ireland’s Evening Herald that there were several robbery attempts at his family home, so the film’s head honchos had to take action to ensure secrecy.

"It just wasn't safe to keep it there, as there was so much hype surrounding the new storylines, so they now use a safe house for the script," he said.

“Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price” will open around the world in July. Some questions, though – isn’t the film supposed to be based on the book of the same name? Following that line of logic, why would anyone want to rob a script when the book tells all the secrets? (These are quite possibly stupid questions, given our lack of Harry insight, but we’re just wondering . . . )

Murray, who also appeared in other Harry movies, enjoys doing the publicity rounds that come with each launch.

"It's more when I go to America that they go mad for anyone connected with the movie. It was also crazy when we did a promotional tour in Japan, I must have shook hands with about two million people during that trip alone, it was mental," he says.

Harry star Daniel Radcliffe, Murray says, is cool as a cucumber, despite the fame he’s garnered from the film franchise.

“He's totally wired," Murray says. "He's a great man to go for a night out with as he loves partying and is up for anything."

“Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” also co-stars another Irish actress, Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood.