TG4's "Tarrthálaithe na hÉireann" (Ireland's Rescuers) will focus on the Irish Coast Guard, mountain rescue teams, and community rescue boats across Ireland, following the brave men and women who drop everything to come to the aid of people in need. 

Produced by Big Mountain Productions, the new eight-episode series will begin on Ireland's Irish language station TG4 at 8 pm on Thursday, October 5, and continue with one episode released every Thursday for eight weeks. 

The series will follow rescue teams as they go through rigorous training and attend life-or-death calls, additionally focusing on community events and fundraisers that the teams attend. 

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Sa tsraith úrnua seo leanfaimid fir agus mná cróga @IrishCoastGuard, @Mtn_Rescue_IE agus @Irishlifeboats.

🛥️ Tarrthálaithe na hÉireann, Anocht @ 20:00

— TG4TV (@TG4TV) October 5, 2023

Teams from Big Mountain Productions followed rescue teams across Ireland during the summer and early fall of 2022, capturing footage of daring rescues at sea, on the ground, and in Ireland's mountains. 

The series follows one of Ireland's four full-time Coast Guard rescue helicopters - R118 stationed in Strandhill, Sligo, while it additionally focuses on the South East Mountain Rescue team in Clonmel, Co Tipperary. 

"Ireland's Rescuers" also follows rescue teams in Dublin/Wicklow, Co Kerry, and Leitrim/Sligo, with production teams also catching up with members of the specialist dog rescue unit SARDA, who demonstrate the invaluable work that rescue dogs carry out while searching for missing people. 

The series poignantly features two voluntary rescue teams founded in the wake of a tragedy - focusing on rescue teams in Banna Beach, Kerry, and Bantry Bay, West Cork.

Almost all of Ireland's rescue teams operate on a voluntary basis, but their training, equipment, and call-out rates remain at a high standard. 

The new TG4 series pays tribute to the "extraordinary commitment" of those teams across the length and breadth of Ireland.