Ireland’s Miss Universe Rozanna Purcell is preparing for her big move to New York which will mark the beginning of her US modeling career.

After finishing seventh last month in the Miss Universe contest in Las Vegas, the Irish beauty was offered a lucrative modeling contract by business mogul Donald Trump.

Earlier this month Donald Trump was a guest on "The David Letterman Show" where he gushed about. He said "Miss Ireland was beautiful, really beautiful.

Andrea Roche, Rozanna's mentor said "Donald has big plans for her...I’m really proud of her."

Prior to the Miss Universe contest the brunette was flown to Columbia for two weeks of intense mentoring by pageant expert Miguel Marinez. The intense training worked in her favor as Trump singled the Tipperary beauty out during the pageant and offered her a job in New York.

Speaking about the future Rozanna told the Evening Herald that her current boyfriend will not be moving to New York with her. "He's not coming with me," she told the Diary. "I don't know what's happening yet. We'll have to see.”

The couple have dated for the past six months after meeting each other while they were both studying at University College Dublin.


Donald Trump pictured with doll-like beauty Rozanna Purcell