What does it look like when you merge sunny Florida with the Emerald Isle?

Both stunning and strange, as proved this week by the echosight photography project.

Echosight was started by photographers Danny Ghitis and Daniella Zalcman, based in London and New York respectively. It began as an Instagram collaboration between its founders, but has since grown to feature collaborations between other photographers in disparate corners of the world.

Usually working in pairs, the photographers upload images from whatever country they’re working in to a shared folder in Google Drive. Then they bring their photos together in an app called Image blender, creating surreal final pieces that resemble impossible double exposures.

This week, echosight’s Instagram account (@echosight) was taken over by Florida-based Chip Litherland (@chiplitherland), a master of image blending, and Barbara Davidson (@photospice), a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times, working in Ireland.

Their collaborations present both places like you’ve never before imagined them. Sunbathers superimposed over Dublin Bay, a man surfing across a background of Irish houses, ghostly horses on a farm in Mayo towering over a woman posing on the sand, a pier leading directly into floral yellow wallpaper, and water below a wooden dock replaced with the Irish night sky. Enjoy.