Ali Hewson, activist and wife of U2’s megastar frontman Bono (a.k.a. Paul Hewson), credits her family’s home country of Ireland for keeping them levelheaded.

In an interview in the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Ali said: “It helps for us to live here, where we’re part of the community.

“Ireland is what keeps us grounded – the Irish are no-nonsense and we’re Irish and it’s home.”

Hewson, who’s been married to Bono for nearly 27 years, also says that having her Irish extended family close by their home in Killiney in south County Dublin keeps them stable as well.

“My mum and dad are always close by and so is Bono’s brother and the rest of U2,” she said.

Hewson, founder of the EDUN fair trade fashion line and mother of four, has a down to earth, even-keeled view on Bono’s rock star life as well.

“It’s about having respect for each other – allowing each other the space to grow and respecting that growth,” she said.

But Hewson takes the Irish “no-nonsense” attitude when discussing her marriage to the rock legend.

“There is no fairy tale,” she said. “As in any marriage, there’s a lot of hard work. But if you can get through the difficult moments, then you enter a new phase of a relationship that is better than before.”

One of the first difficult moments the couple got through was the death of Bono’s mother when he was just 14. Hewson took care of Bono during the tragic time early in his life.

“Knowing someone’s memories is when you really know them inside out – when you’ve grown up with them and made that journey through adulthood together,” she said, and added: “I don’t think Bono would want to lose another woman in his life.”

And it’s faith in God that carries Hewson and her family through the tough times.

“I couldn’t live without faith,” she said. “I would find that a very dark place to be.”