Open Championship Girls under 13 Top 5
with podium topper Clare Murray Macritchie
Murray Academy Feis
Photo courtesy Natalie Grant

The Murray Irish Dance Academy, from New Hampshire, hosted its first Irish dancing competition on Sunday, May 20, 2012.  Parents and dancers from across New England were quick to send kudos to Anne Murray Macritchie, TCRG, on the Irish dancing school's first feis.  Three random comments on the feis' webpage tell it all:

"Thank you--job well done.  Especially liked all the little touches - from the bright green poster boards to lead us in off the highway and greeters at the door offering to help us get settled and especially the concerted effort to start on time!"

"The awards were really great and so were the people who helped out.  Loved the musicians in the large gym.  We hope to be back next year - GREAT JOB!"

"Nice venue, easy to get to, incredible organization and on time, signs everywhere... Anne you definitely set the bar for all future feis to follow!"

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Preliminary Champion Girls under 13 Madysin Finn from O'Shea-Chaplin and friends
Murray Academy Feis
Photo courtesy Madysin Finn

Seven Murray Academy dancers earned the top spot on the podium, with strong dancers from Brady, Bremer, Dunleavy Shaffer, Lenihan, McInerney and O'Shea-Chaplin rounding out the Preliminary and Open Champions.

Two Preliminary Champions - Bridget O'Connor from Murray and Ainsley Welch from Brady - scored perfect 300s in the Boys & Girls under 8 and 9, and Boys & Girls under 10 events.  Other Preliminary Champions were Brynn Golden - Dunleavy Shaffer (under 11), Deirdre Kelly - Brady (under 12), Gabrielle DeSisto - Murray (under 13), Caitlin Lynch - McInerney (under 14), Madisyn Finn - O'Shea-Chaplin (under 15), Bridget Forbes - Lenihan (under 16) and Conor McTavish - Brady (16 & Over).

Sydney Paine, Open Champion Girls under 17
with fellow Dunleavy Shaffer dancers
at Murray Academy Feis 2012
Photo courtesy Sydney Paine

An astounding SEVEN Open Champions also clinched perfect scores!  Congratulations to Brady's Maeve Williams (Girls under 12), Bremer's Siobhan O'Neill (Girls under 16) and Billy Petrocelli (Boys under 14), Murray's Kate Babcock (Girls under 14) and Caroline Mega (Ladies under 18), and O'Shea-Chaplin's Parker Armstrong (Boys under 16) and Kevin McCormack (Boys 16 & Over).

Other Open Champions were Maeve White - Brady (Girls under 9 and under 10 combined), Emily Varga - Murray (Girls under 11), Clare Murray Macritchie (Girls under 13), Harper Mills - O'Shea-Chaplin (Girls under 15),  Sydney Paine - Dunleavy Shaffer (Girls under 17) and Madeline Muench - Murray (Ladies 18 & Over).

Congratulations to the Murray Academy and all the volunteers who helped to make this one of New England's most memorable spring Irish dancing competitions!

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