Live in Ireland and want to star in a Bollywood movie? You’re in luck!

This weekend the Irish Film Board is filming a Bollywood musical on the streets of Dublin, and the public is being asked to dance in the final number, which will be shot on a city center block.

Bollywood movies often shoot in European places like London and Switzerland, but so far the Irish Film Board has had trouble enticing the industry to film in Ireland.

The Irish government is itching to get a piece of the 1,000-movie-a-year Bollywood industry, which would presumably attract Indian tourists to Ireland.

In 2006, then Prime Minister Bertie Ahern and former Minister for Arts and Tourism John O’Donoghue flew to India to meet with Bollywood executives and pitch Ireland as a filming location. Indian movie producers were even flown to Ireland to meet with Irish producers and tour studios and locations.

Still, Bollywood has yet to transform Dublin into Dubbywood.

David O’Sullivan, the director of the Irish-based short Bollywood film, hopes that his project will show Bollywood movie makers that Ireland is a great location to shoot the all-song and dance flicks.

“Bollywood crews haven’t really been coming here at all,” said O’Sullivan. “They really need to start coming here and this is a way of showing that Bollywood fits in Ireland.”

The low-budget film, entitled “Street Masala,” tells the story of Baba, an Indian convenience store clerk, who falls in love with an out-of-his-league Irish real estate agent.

The movie will shoot a romantic scene in Dublin’s Botanic Gardens and a musical number in a major Dublin shopping center.