Former Ballykissangel star Victoria Smurfit has opened up about an incident which drastically impacted her acting career.

Los Angeles based Smurfit told the Sunday Independent that when she was an aspiring actress in her early twenties, she had a successful first audition for a “major role”.

After her second audition for the part went “really well” she was invited by the production team to have dinner.

While others at the party were drinking, the now 43-year-old was aware that she should keep her wits about her.

“I kept pouring my glass into a potted plant because I knew I had to be 'on my game,'" she told the outlet.

As the evening progressed, the movie producer insisted “you are coming with me to my hotel room.” She refused, instead suggesting they go follow the rest of the production team to a nightclub.

"He was very straight and very strong about it.  So I legged it back to my hotel," Smurfit stated.

After the incident, she was flown to Los Angeles for a third audition and had a screen test with a “big star”.  However, when she ran into the aforementioned producer, he said “I am done with you.”

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The mother of three will be in her native Dublin in February to attend the Irish Film and Television Awards. She is nominated for two awards for her respective roles in The Lears and The Secret Market.

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