Summer hasn’t even officially started yet, but the breakout hit of the movie season is already upon us. “The Hangover” has garnered rave reviews and, even better for its producers, a ton of money, more than $100 million in the U.S. alone in only two weeks.

The film premiered in Dublin last week and all the stars turned up for the glitzy event, including Heather Graham, who’s suddenly sooooooo hot again thanks to her role in the film as a fun stripper with a heart.

She’s also a good Catholic Irish girl, she told several Irish news outlets last week. Her father’s family hails from County Cork, and she’s certainly no stranger to the Emerald Isle.

“I love Ireland, it's the greatest. I've been here like five times. My family is three quarters Irish,” she told RTE.

“I did a driving trip when I got out of high school down the west coast and then I worked in Belfast for two months and I've been to Dublin twice.
In Belfast I made this really good friend, Jamie Jackson, who worked in the camera department . . . there are some amazing people here, when I left I was crying because the people are so warm.”

Up to this point, Graham was perhaps most famous for her roles as Rollergirl in the excellent 1997 film “Boogie Nights” – again, she played a sweet stripper – and as a sidekick in one of those “Austin Powers” movies. Undoubtedly the parts will come fast and furious once again thanks to her latest success. “The sad truth is that you get more jobs if you're in more movies that make more money. It doesn't even really matter sometimes if you're right for the part because if you're in a movie that makes more money, suddenly you get put on lists and then you get more jobs!” she said.

Graham camped out at the Merrion Hotel with her boyfriend, who enjoyed a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, and fellow co-stars. One of them, Zach Galifianakis, who probably has earned the best "Hangover" reviews of all, has also been to Ireland, specifically to perform at the comedy fest called Cat Laugh in County Kilkenny.

“It was great. I haven't been back since but they asked me this year and timing wise I couldn't do it but I'd love to do it again,” he said.