As the Script prepare to launch their new album “Science and Faith” in September it seems that the predictions of Bono and Paul McCartney might very well be true. They are set to conquer the world.

The Dublin band’s guitarist Mark Sheehan recently spoke to Gibson Guitar about their success so far and his own style of guitar playing. When asked if U2’s lead guitarist, the Edge had influenced his playing he said “Edge is ingrained into every Irish guitar player, whether they want to admit it or not. He has stuck to his guns and found his thing.”
However the young guitarist was careful to mention that he didn’t based  his style of playing on the Edge’s unique sound. “While I find him amazing, no, I never directly rip him off, so to speak,” said Sheehan.

“It’s just growing up with his music makes its way into you. While he is a sweet man that clearly lets his anger and rage out in his riffs, I am an angry man that plays smooth textures. It’s probably the calm in the center of the storm.”

The Script have spent the last two years touring the world and their most recent single “Breakeven” has sold more than a million copies in the United State and got to number 12 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Now back in Dublin working on their second record Sheehan talk about the musical influence that the band grew up with in Dublin which helped in bringing them to this point. He said that although bands like Thin Lizzy and U2 were major influences he always felt it was important that he find his own sound.

“I have always wanted to find my thing within music so, while I appreciate guitar shredders and lead liners, I find myself personally about texture and feel, interesting rhythms that are simply complicated. So I was always learning that stuff, but applying it to R&B or hip-hop, et cetera – loads of fun,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan and the band knew that they had made it to the big time when they opened for U2 in their home town of Dublin playing in the massive sports arena, Croke Park. “It was unreal for us. Being recognized by a giant such as U2 – and in our home stadium, too – was just out there. They know the power of that [kind of exposure] for a new band and decided to treat us. I’ll never forget it.”

As is the support of U2 behind them wasn’t enough they also played support Paul McCartney at New York’s Citi Field in 2009. Sheehan said “It was another milestone in our career. Meeting the man himself was even better.

Such a normal, nice human being. He was also so interested in how we felt, going from playing small clubs and pubs to that!

Their upcoming album “Science & Faith” will be released in the United States in October.