Named ‘Showmen of the Year’ by GQ Magazine, funny men Justin Timberlake (30) and Jimmy Fallon (37) spoke about the first time they met each other at the MTV awards in 2002, in a frank interview in the upcoming edition of  the magazine.

“That was Justin's debut as a solo artist,” recalls Fallon, “ and the first time I hosted the VMAs. It was a huge deal for him. A lot of pressure. People were saying, is he going to do it? Can he do it? There's no way he can keep the groove! And then he came out of a GIANT BOOMBOX.”

Speaking about the different roles the two stars play as comedians, Fallon said it was in their DNA.

"There's something so fun about taking that risk and doing live stuff. I think we both have that in our DNA," Fallon explains. "So we're like, 'Let's go, man. Is this going to be good? I don't know. But we're about to go live in like ten seconds. Let's perform the hell out of this.'"
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Speaking about the exciting element of their job, Timberlake said :” There's a percentage of entertainers who are working so hard—and honestly it looks so exhausting—to act like they don't care that much, that they're not as excitable. But everybody is that excitable. This is a really exciting, fun job.”

Meanwhile the magazine named 28-year-old Mila Kunis as ‘Knockout of the Year’.
Father-to-be Jay-Z was dubbed 'King' of the year by GQ while Michael Fassbender was named ‘Break out of the Year’.