He’s not just a cute face with killer talent - Derry native and ‘The Glee Project’ co-champion Damian McGinty is doing his part to help save the planet.

“I don't drive, I take a bike. I recycle all the time. The little things count,” says McGinty when he spoke with Mother Nature Network at Debbie Durkin's Eco Emmys gift suite recently. “Seeing over the last ten years how we've messed up the planet, the ozone layer and everything, I believe in saving the environment and it's good to set an example for younger people, though I'm only 19.”

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And it seems that McGinty isn’t solely focused on saving the planet, but is looking forward to working hard on his upcoming appearance on Glee to woo viewers. “I have to work hard, be the best I can be, take it as it comes, expect nothing but try and get more." Definitely the right attitude considering that McGinty’s stint on Glee could be extended depending on fans’ reaction.

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