Scottish hunk Gerard Butler has given a whole new meaning to the term method acting with his latest role. Butler, normally a strapping 6’2” hunk, morphed into a teeny leprechaun for a role in the spoof flick Movie 43, which is due for release in January.

And he’s a mean leprechaun at that. Butler co-stars in a skit with Jackass king Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott.

Knoxville captures the leprechaun to present as a gift to his friend played by Scott, but the wee fella doesn’t take too kindly to being a hostage and instead gives Knoxville a head-butt before warning “I am going to cut your b**** off and feed them to you!”

Sounds crazy? You bet, but Movie 43 has a dazzling cast of stars taking part in 25 different bizarre vignettes, among them Richard Gere, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and Emma Stone. And all of the gags are politically incorrect – Berry plays a woman who gets to blow out the candles on a blind boy’s birthday cake, for example.

Given the January doldrums, though, Movie 43 could well prove to be a hit.

Here, catch Butler talking about the new film [WARNING - foul language]:

Gerard Butler as a leprechaun in 'Movie 43'