The silver-haired star has revealed he won't be able to celebrate the couple's one year anniversary on September 27 - because he's already committed to paying tribute to 'Ocean's Eleven' producer Jerry Weintraub, who died in July.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', George said: "Unfortunately, I have to speak at Jerry Weintraub's memorial. This is his last producorial way of screwing me over, that on my anniversary, I have to go to his memorial."

Meanwhile, the proud husband admitted he does worry about human rights lawyer Amal, who is currently representing ousted Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed.

He added: "She's a grown woman with her own career.

"It's tough when they're stabbing her co-counsellor [defence lawyer Mahfooz Saeed] in the head a couple days before she gets there. It's a little nerve wracking. But she's doing the right thing and she's doing it for the right reasons."

George recently joked his role is to be "shiny and pretty" in his marriage to Amal, who is a high-powered lawyer.

He said: "Shiny and pretty - that's mostly what I do now."