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Our Gaelic Girl in Galway, Lauren, dips her toe into what Americans in “Ireland’s Capital of Culture” think of the nightlife and most importantly their verdict on Irish men and women and the dating scene.

It seems our American cousins find the Galway nightlife “crazy”, they also, not surprisingly, note that the Irish are better at handling their booze.


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The lads reveal some of the craziest things they’ve witnessed in pubs around Galway when it comes to “courting” such as a gentleman tackling a young woman and being kissed by a 70-year-old man.

The American girls don’t seem to be put off though. They’re still looking out for those blue-eyed Irish boys and find the dating scene in Galway to be more “lively”.

However, it seems that the cheeky chappy charisma of the Irish boys might be going a bit too far as some of our girls seem less than impressed with their flirtatious moves.

The Irish girls receive a glowing report as friendly fashionistas who are always dressed up and ready to party. They even get a vote for being “more fun” than their American counterparts.
Watch our video below to find out more:


Our Gaelic Girl Lauren down by the Spanish Arch in Galway CityGaelic Girls