Rumor has it that hunky Scottish actor Gerard Butler is dating Jennifer Aniston, but a young Irish reporter, who got very up close and personal with Butler in a recent interview, says differently.

Trina Mara, a 28-year-old reporter for Dublin’s 98 radio station, spilled that the chemistry was so hot in her interview with Butler, he compared it to the famous steamy 1986 bedside interview between Bob Geldof’s wife Paula Yates and late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

Mara told Ireland’s Evening Herald: "He joked with me saying, ‘they'll probably say we're an item now when you leave the hotel. It's like Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence on the bed.’

“‘You interviewed me and it was the start of something amazing,’ he continued. ‘Then the guy from the hotel interrupted our 'romp'.’”

Mara admitted that the star of new romantic comedy “The Ugly Truth” was extremely flirtatious with her throughout their chat, so much so that she asked the time-keeper to leave the room to give them privacy.

"He was very flirtatious from start to end, and we were having a bit of a slagging match because I kept saying 'Come here to me' like you do in Dublin, but he kept saying ‘no but I am here,’ and coming closer then,” she said.

The reporter says that the 39-year-old actor certainly wasn’t behaving like a taken man, saying: “He wasn't confirming or he wasn't saying anything, but I got the feeling that he wasn't. He seemed to be definitely single."

Butler may be “gorgeous,” according to Mara, but he admittedly doesn’t do the best Irish accent.

"He said he's embarrassed about his accent in ‘P.S. I Love You,’ but he said it's the best he could do,” Mara explained.